Inspired by what we saw in other places across the world,  we had the same guiding question:
Why not us?

It all started in...

March of 2017. We were both students at the Alberta School of Business, contemplating what extracurricular opportunities we wanted to pursue. Both of us were dissatisfied with the status quo, it seemed like everything around us was either a case competition, bar event, or mix of the two. The Faculty of Business was also relatively isolated, as students operated in their own silo with little to no interaction with other faculties. 

While all of this was going on in our own school, we started looking outwards at other schools across the world. Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Queens, all of these schools had student-run consulting firms, uniting students from different academic backgrounds into one place. While in school, students were able to gain work experience consulting for local businesses; simultaneously improving their own skills while helping the local economy. In many of these firms, students were able to reach out to a board of advisors, consisting of various business professionals whose experience they could utilize whenever needed. 

Inspired by what we saw in other places across the world, we had the same guiding question: Why not us? We believed that if we could unite the best students from each faculty, we could produce top-notch work. We believed that when the McKinsey's, Deloitte's and PWC's were often financially inaccessible to small and medium sized businesses, we could offer value for less. And finally, we believed that students were capable of much more than people think they are, and were determined to prove this. 

The Alberta Student Consulting Group is a product of these beliefs, a concentrated effort to bring the best students together to make an impact on OUR city.  We are young, we are hungry and we are ready to work, for YOUR business.