At the ASCG, we have six core values that guide our firm.  We aspire to have a team full of individuals who embody the following values:

1. Teamwork:  You work effectively alongside your colleagues and put the needs of the team first.

2. Accountability: You are organized, stick to deadlines, and take responsibility for your mistakes. You take feedback well and strive to improve upon your shortcomings. You understand that both your failures and successes provide an ample opportunity to learn and grow.

3. Excellence: You consistently produce polished, accurate, and detailed work.

4. Adventurous Thinkers: You are intellectually curious and aren’t afraid to challenge the ideas of your fellow students and clients.

5. Humble and Grounded: You leave your ego at the door and bring a positive, respectful attitude to all of your interactions. You’re confident in your abilities, but openly admit when a given task is outside of your capacity. 

6. Fun: You don’t take yourself too seriously and contribute to a playful, collegial atmosphere.